You Amazing Mom, You!

Happy New Year you amazing mother, you.  Yes, you.

2015 has been an amazing year with the addition of your dear daughter in July.  You became a mom!  Well, a human’s mom anyway, you have been a fur-mom for a while.  You have always had a respect and love for all women, especially mothers, but now you have an even deeper bond and understanding of what it takes.  Every mom out there is a warrior.  Including you!  Just because millions of women have done what you have done does not diminish how nothing short of a miracle what you have done is.

It is time to love every second of your new job and the new you!  Many of your mom friends look just as good, if not better, than they did before having a baby.  Good for them.  No really, good for them!  That is incredible!  One day you will get there, and if you never do, that is ok too.  You get the honor of loving a new body that has done unimaginable things.  You have always had junk in the trunk with no delusion that it will be going anywhere.  And it has become so useful!  It is great at growing and carrying babies, pushing out babies, and a seat for babies when they demand being held when mommy really need to get stuff done.  So go ahead and eat that salad and that piece of cake you hard working mamma, you!

Even though you are a remarkable mom, remember you are also a remarkable woman and deserve to have some you-time where you get to do whatever you want.  You need to be the best you in order for you to be the best mom.  You are doing an amazing job!

I hope you have an even better 2016 and you never forget how amazingly incredibly fantastically badass you are, you wonderful mom, you.



3 thoughts on “You Amazing Mom, You!

  1. I love it. ❤
    I totally did this exact same thing yesterday and wrote myself a love letter/ pep talk as a pat on the back after my first year as a mother. No one can give us a better pep talk than us!

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