Wall Collage Art

As you might be able to tell, I love creating my own wall art.  I like to think it is a mixture of the fact that I am picky, and poor (probably more of the latter).  I can never find anything that I really like, something my husband likes (even harder), and something within our budget (the hardest).  So, when I can’t find something, I make it!!  Here is another wall collage art that is in our bedroom.  trees Since this was the first decoration piece in our bedroom, first I decided what kind of theme I wanted for our bedroom.  Currently we live in a small apartment and I can’t do much (paint walls, new floor, etc), so I try to pick pieces that will look good in our apartment now and fit in my grand idea in our real house…whenever that will be.

I decided I wanted to go with a black and white photograph theme, and I wanted something natural.  I went to my favorite art website, allposters.com, where they literally have ANY type of poster you could ever imagine.  Seriously, if it exists, they have a copy of it.  You can buy the prints generally in multiple forms, I always just get the cheap poster prints and use my teacher’s Michaels discount to buy frames, but on the website they also sell them framed, laminated, on canvas, and others.  You can usually pick different sizes too.  There I spent hours and finally found these two beautiful gray scale photos made by the same photographer.  I immediately purchased them for a small fee.

I wanted them different sizes to have it feel more pieced together but they only came in one size, so both pictures came with a white border and I cut the border off one of them.  I then bought frames to fit both prints that were similar but not identical.  I then bought three smaller frames that went with the theme but did not match.  They are all in black.  I then bought two pieces of fancy scrapbook paper, one white embossed with little leaves, the other black embossed with small dots (sorry you can’t see it in the picture!)  I put these papers in the three small frames as an accent to the two main ones.  I didn’t want to overwhelm the two focal prints.

I then laid them out on the ground to position them how I wanted, then used my hubby to help me hang them.  All done, easy!  Once we get our own place the grand idea is to paint the wall behind this collage a blue to really get the pictures to pop, but for now they will have to survive against the white wall.

Hints:  You can really do this with ANY pictures or prints, you just have to find something that goes together and doesn’t overwhelm each other.  Also, when making collages it is usually best to start with the biggest focal piece(s) in the middle and then branch out as accent pieces.

Pros: You can literally make ANYTHING you want with any print, color, pattern, wall size, etc.  It can also be cheaper if you bargain hunt.

Cons:  Takes a little (or a lot of) extra time.


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