Activity:  Hidden grass pocket stores an assortment of weather related felt pieces to create different weather scenes.

Lesson:  Weather


  • Felt:
    • 1 light blue sheet
    • 1 green sheet
    • Scraps of white, yellow, dark blue, and grey
  • Two velcro dots
  • Two mini baggies
  • Sharpie
  • Felt glue


  1. Cute a few “mounds” out of your green felt.  You want it to be large enough to store all your pieces in.  Glue the pieces together and then glue the sides and bottom of the large mound piece to your blue sheet.  Make sure you leave the the top unglued so it can be a pocket.
  2. Velcro two dots together. Add a small layer of glue to the back of both dots.  Place the dots on the top inside side of the mound and press into place.  Do the same with the second velcro dot on the other side.
  3. Create out various weather pieces.  First I drew them using a sharpie on my felt and then cut them out.  I made two circles and twelve small strips and glued them together for the sun and two lightening bolts out of yellow felt.  I made four grey clouds and three white clouds.  I made ten large raindrops out of dark blue felt.  I made six snowflakes by gluing together three thin strips of white felt.
  4. Place all pieces into the baggies and then once the mound is completely dry store in your pocket.
  5. Done!
Baggies stored in the pocket
Two baggies and sun




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