Vegetable Garden

Activity:  Carrots and radishes have their own pockets to harvest out of the ground, while lettuce and cauliflower are velcroed in their rows to be harvested in this felt vegetable garden.

Lesson:  Agriculture


  • Felt:
    • 2 dark brown sheets
    • Scraps of dark green, light green, orange, and white
  • Felt glue
  • Sharpie
  • 6 velcro dots


  1. Cut four strips of dark brown felt about two inches wide.
  2. Cut three carrots out of orange felt about an inch and a half long.  Cut small strips of green felt for the stems.  Glue the green stems to the back of the carrots, then glue the carrots to a piece of orange felt.  Cut the felt around the carrots (creating a second layer, this helps hide the stems and makes the carrots strong enough to stuff in the pockets).
  3. Do the same thing as step 2 but with red radishes.
  4. Cut three heads of lettuce in dark green felt.
  5. Cut three star-like shapes out of light green felt.  Cut out three smaller cauliflower heads out of white felt.  Glue the white heads onto the light green stems.
  6. Fold one of the dark brown strips in half length (hotdog) wise.  Cut three snips perpendicular to the fold, large enough to fit the carrots and radishes through.  Do this to a second brown strip as well.
  7. Glue the four brown strips to the large brown sheet.  I left about a half inch gap between each strip to simulate the raised beds seen in agriculture.  For the two strips that have the three holes in them, be careful to glue around the perimeter and the TOP of each slit so the veggies can still fit in each pocket.
  8. Velcro two dots together.  Add a small amount of felt glue to the back of both dots.  Attach the clear dot one third of the way up on one of the brown strips (without the holes) and the white dot to the back of one lettuce.  Repeat this process with all lettuce and cauliflower pieces.
  9. Done!

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