Under The Sea Sliders

Activity:  Sea creatures slide back and forth on ribbon tracks.

Lesson:  Sea life, fine motor skills


  • Felt:
    • 1 light blue sheet
    • 1 dark blue sheet
    • Scraps of dark and light green, white, black
  • Hot glue gun
  • Felt glue
  • 1/8th inch ribbon
  • Sea creature felt pieces (purchased at Michaels, could also use beads, stickers, etc, or you could create your own!)
  • Beads


  1. Cut a wavy line on the top of your dark blue felt.  Glue it to the top of your light blue felt, leaving about three inches of the light blue showing.  Cut any excess dark blue felt from the bottom.
  2. Cut out six pieces of kelp from the dark and light green felts.  You want the kelp to just barely be as tall as you water.
  3. Cut out two white clouds.
  4. Cut out three little black “V’s” (unless you can find a bird creature).  Felt glue them together so they overlap a little bit.
  5. Decide how many sea creatures you want.  I decided to make two crabs, I hot glued three fish together to create a “school” of fish, one whale at the top of the water, and then the one group of seagulls.
  6. With a hot glue gun, glue one bead on the back of each sea creature (or combined creatures like my school of fish).  Make sure the holes of the beads are on the sides so they can slide back and forth.
  7. Cut four pieces of ribbon the width of your light blue felt.
  8. Pick your two largest felt kelp, these will be what you glue the ribbon to.  Place three dollops of hot glue at the base, middle, and very top of both felt kelp.  Glue down your ribbons to one felt kelp.  Add your beads onto each ribbon, and then glue your open end of ribbon to your other felt kelp.
  9. Felt glue your felt kelps down on opposite sides of the dark blue felt.  Make sure you leave at least an inch on one side for the binding!
  10. Repeat step 8 with your two clouds and your bird piece.
  11. Felt glue the two clouds to the very top of the light blue felt, making sure to leave an inch for the binding.
  12. Done!

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