Seasons Tree

Activity:  Use green leaves, yellow/orange leaves, and apples to decorate a tree to play out different seasons.

Lesson:  Fine motor, seasons


  • Felt:
    • 1 light blue sheet
    • 1 brown sheet
    • Scraps of light and dark green
    • Scraps of orange and yellow
    • Scraps of tan/light brown
    • Scraps of red
  • Sharpie
  • Two small plastic baggies (Purchased in the bead section of Michaels)
  • Two velcro dots


  1. Draw a large tree on your brown felt.  Cut out your tree.  I drew a small heart on the trunk with Sharpie and then wrote “N+V” inside (my husband’s and my initials).
  2. Cut out many leaves in light green, dark green, yellow, and orange.  (I cut 10 of each color.)
  3. Draw and cut out a small basket.  Use a sharpie to draw light lines on the basket in a cross weave pattern.
  4. Draw apples on red felt and cut them out.  (I made 5 apples)
  5. Glue the tree down to your blue felt.  Remember to leave the one inch for binding.
  6. Glue the basket down to the bottom of the blue felt, leaving the top unglued so you can put apples or leaves inside.
  7. Velcro two dots together, place a small layer of felt glue on the back of both sides, glue the clear side to the blue felt and the white side to the back top of a small baggie.  Repeat with the second baggie.
  8. Fill baggies with the leaves.  Fill the basket with apples.
  9. Done!




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