Activity: Horse with yarn mane and tail.

Skills: Fine motor, braiding, twisting


  • Felt:
    • 1 red sheet
    • 2 brown/tan sheets
    • Scraps of white
    • Scraps of black
  • Brown yarn
  • Fabric glue
  • Sharpie


  1. Cut thin strips of white felt.  Measure how large you want your barn door.  Glue three vertical strips, and a strip on the top and bottom.  Then glue strips in an X shape in both rectangles.
  2. Draw a large horse on one tan/brown felt.  This was one of the few things I googled a picture of first, scaled it to size, printed it, cut it out, and then traced it on the felt.  If you can free hand a horse, you are amazing!  Cut out your felt horse.
  3. Cut a lot of long strips of brown yarn.  The length doesn’t have to be perfect, make it longer than you think you will need.
  4. Gather a bunch of yarn you think is big enough for the tail.  Place a LARGE dollop of glue at the back of the horse where you want the tail to go, place the bunch of yarn on the dollop of glue.
  5. Dollop a thick line of glue down the back of the horses neck and line the remaining yarn.
  6. Lay down your second tan/brown felt piece.  Draw lines of glue around the border of your horse on the back, adding even more glue to the top of the yarn.  Lay the horse onto the tan/brown felt and press firmly.  I wanted to make sure the glue really held, so I sandwiched the horse between two sheets of plastic bags (to make sure the glue didn’t seep through), then I laid a very heavy book on top and let it dry over night.
  7. Once glue is completely dry on your horse, carefully cut the back piece of felt to match the shape of the horse felt.
  8. Cut the yarn on the horse tail so it ends at the bottom of the horse.  Cut the yarn for the mane right above the top of the horse’s legs.
  9. Glue your horse to the red barn background.  Make sure you leave your inch for binding on one of the sides!
  10. Cut out small pieces of black felt for the hooves and glue those in place.  Cut out a white piece for the face, glue that in place.  Cut out very small pieces for the nostril and eye and glue those in place as well.
  11. Done!


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