Build a Butterfly

Activity:  Using different felt pieces to decorate a butterfly

Lesson: Creativity, matching


  • Felt:
    • 1 white sheet
    • 1 black sheet
    • Scraps of many different colors
  • Sharpie (I had to use a silver to show up on the black felt)
  • Two velcro dots
  • Two mini baggies
  • Felt glue


  1. Draw a large butterfly on your black felt.  This was one of the few pieces I had to google, find an image I liked, scaled it to size, printed it, cut it out, and then traced it onto the felt with a silver sharpie.  Cut the felt butterfly out.  If the template comes with a body, pretend it doesn’t exist, you will make colorful bodies later.
  2. Glue the butterfly to the center of your white sheet, leaving enough room on one side for the binding and room for the baggies on the other.
  3. Cut out a few butterfly bodies using different colors of felt.  I used the same butterfly template from above but this time cut off the wings.
  4. Cut out two pieces of many different shapes and sizes and colors using leftover fabric.  This is a great page to do last so you can use up a lot of your scraps.
  5. Place scraps into two mini baggies.
  6. Velcro two dots together.  Apply a small amount of glue to the back of each dot.  Attach the white dot to the back of the baggie and attach the clear dot to the white felt.  Do the same thing to the second velcro, leaving space for both baggies to hang.
  7. Done!





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