Happy 2nd Birthday, Torey

My Goose,

Forgive me for being a few days late writing this, within the last few weeks your dad has gotten a new job, we have found a new house, we have packed, moved, and unpacked, squeezed in 4th of July, and celebrated your birthday. Though this has been such a challenging transition, we are doing it for our family’s future. Your daddy spent a long time searching for a new job with more pay and better benefits so we could afford the life we want for you. We moved into a bigger house with a yard so you can have somewhere to play. Everything we do, we do for you.

I don’t know how you are two years old already. It has been an honor watching you bloom from the quiet, observant, well behaved baby to my free spirited, strong willed, adventurous toddler. Between your independent personality, your blue eyes, and your wild curly blonde hair, everyone who crosses paths with you finds you intriguing and everyone who knows you falls in love with you. People we know say you are my mini-me, but I see a bit of your father peek out occasionally too. Mostly though, all I can see is my one and only uniquely beautiful Torey.

This past year has been rough for our country as we are divided more than ever and heading in the wrong direction. When I start to lose hope I just think of you, and how I already know in just two short years of knowing you that one day you will change the world for the better. You are brave enough, smart enough, and passionate enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to, I have no doubt. I am still not quite sure how I am lucky enough to be your mother, but I try every day to live up to that title the best I can.

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet girl.

Love you always and forever,


To read my letter to her on her 1st birthday, click here.



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