DIY Name Sign

One of the top trends in baby rooms and nurseries is plastering the baby’s name on the wall.  Just in case you forget, you know?

I decided to jump right on that bandwagon, because I learned mommy brain is real and I may just forget her name one day and the constant reminder won’t hurt.  The thought of doing individual letters and having to measure to space them properly felt daunting, so I decided to make a sign instead so it is just one nail and done.  You could totally tweak this idea to make it perfectly match whatever room and decorations you want.


  • Sign
  • Letters
  • Decorations
  • Ribbon
  • Superglue
  • Frame hanging hardware (if your sign does not have it already)



  1. Gather your materials.  I got everything except the frame hanging hardware at Michael’s.  The sign was already painted grey, but they have a ton of different signs finished in all different types of colors and materials.  The letters I bought were already painted white.  To decorate the sign, I used two clear scrapbook papers covered in white writing.  You could also freehand draw designs, stamp patterns, or use stickers to decorate as well.  Or if you want, you could decorate the letters instead and leave the backing plain.
  2. Decorate your background.  I used superglue to glue the clear scrapbook paper to my sign.  I centered it, so there is still a border of plain grey around it.
  3. Glue letters to your sign.  I again used superglue to glue my letters to the center.  I used blue painters tape to make sure my letters were straight. WP_20160129_047
  4. Tie ribbon to the back.  My sign didn’t have any frame hanging hardware on the back, so my husband nailed two hooks on the back for me.  I then looped the ribbon through the hooks, and then tied them together in a pretty bow and pulled it really snug to make sure it could handle the weight of the sign.
  5. Hang and enjoy!!



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