DIY Bumblebee Costume

Picture from
Picture from

The teachers at my school wanted to do a matching theme this year, and we chose superheroes.  A few months back my mom took me, my niece, and my nephew to Universal Studios Hollywood, and she got me a really cool Transformers Bumblebee dress.  This dress sparked my costume idea and I ran with it.  I am a big Transformers fan (half because my celebrity husband is (was) in it, Shia LaBeouf) and Bumblebee has always been my favorite Transformer.  Even without saying a real word (he lost his vocal cords and can only speak through the radio) he can make you feel so connected and emotionally invested in a….Chevy Camaro.

Please ignore the shoes in the background…I tried to blur them out…

Materials needed to replicate my look:

  • Bumblebee dress (or yellow dress or yellow shirt and pants/leggings)
  • Acrylic paint (dark yellow, black, grey/silver) with paint brushes
  • One very large single piece of cardboard
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil, etc to create your wings
  • Silver/grey ribbon/yarn/string
  • Construction worker hat
  • Two koozies (canned drink coolers)
  • Two pairs of grey tights/leggings (one without feet)
  • Face paint (blue, black, and white) with brush
  • Big black boots

Dress:  Bought at Universal Studios in Hollywood, but I found it online at Hot Topic for less $$.  You could also use just a plain yellow dress and paint it with cool looking designs (or don’t paint it) or even use a yellow shirt/legging combo.

Wings:  Took one large piece of cardboard, drew the wheel shape in the middle and then drew the car doors on each side.  Then I cut them out and painted them with acrylic paint.  Then I poked holes in the center of the rims and strung silver ribbon through the hole.  I then created a loop with the ribbon (for arm holes) and then tied a knot on the back of the cardboard.  The silver ribbon blends in with the silver rims nicely and you can hardly see the knot.  I wanted to go with old-school Bumblebee (his car is the Chevy Camaro) so I added little pieces like manual lock doors and manual window cranks…I think it added a nice little touch.

Helmet:  I bought a yellow foam construction worker hat at Michaels for a dollar.  I cut off the brim to make it look less like a construction helmet and then I painted it the same yellow as the wings and then used the black acrylic paint to draw designs.

Cuffs:  I bought two yellow koozies (foam can holders to keep canned drinks cool) each for less than a dollar at Michaels.  I then cut out the bottom circle so they became cuffs and then I painted them the same yellow as the rest.

Body Cover:  I used two thick grey tights/leggings I bought from Target for a few bucks each.  One of the leggings (I made sure to buy feet-less so I didn’t have to cut hand holes) I cut a hole in the crotch just big enough to fit my head through.  Once it was all done I don’t think you could tell that they were once leggings. You could also use a grey (or black, but true Bumblebee is grey/silver/metallic) body suit.  My husband didn’t understand why I went through the trouble cutting up a pair of leggings and not just wear one of my many grey long sleeve shirts I own, but I really wanted the colors to match perfectly and I really wanted them to be as skin tight as possible.

Shoes:  I personally think that big black chunky boots would match Bumblebee the best, so that is what I wore.  I tried the outfit on with my black ankle booties, but it just didn’t have as big of an impact.

Closeup of my face mask
Closeup of my face mask

Face:  I really wanted to paint a mask on this year, so that is what I did.  Technically Bumblebee doesn’t really wear a true mask (his entire face is just made of metal and car parts) but I wanted a mask so I tried to make as close to a Bumblebee mask as I could.  Bumblebee has really deep blue piercing eyes, so I tried to paint blue eyes on around my eyes, and then I painted a dark grey mask on around it.  I used face paint I bought at Michaels.  I then wanted to do something funky with my lip (because why not!  It is Halloween after all) so I decided to put black eye liner (the pencil version) on my lips.  (Warning, the face paint washed right off, but the blue stained my skin a bit and as I am writing this the next morning I still have a hint of blue around my eyes.)

Hair:  I first tried to put my hair in a low bun, but I felt way too masculine so I decided to wear my hair in some type of downward fashion.  I wanted it pulled out of the way so you could see the back of the wings (plus I had nightmares of my hair getting caught in the wings).  A lot of times you see women superheros with their hair in pigtails (or is that just my imagination?) so I decided to go with cute little half braided pigtails.

Well, that is it!  That is how I transformed (pun intended) into Transformer’s Bumblebee.  I am overall very happy with the result and I wouldn’t change much.  If I wanted to go above and beyond, I would have only spoken in song lyrics all day (which I contemplated for about a second and then quickly gave up on) OR I would have worn a small radio around my neck and any time someone spoke to me I would have just pressed “play” and stared at them (again, something I contemplated but gave up on).

Totally thought I had the best teacher costume...until Groot arrived!!
Totally thought I had the best teacher costume…until Groot arrived!!

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