Jewelry Organizer

One of my very first DIY projects, if you can call it that, was creating a jewelry organizer for my wall.  I found the four little mirrors back in college when I worked in our apartment complex.  I hung them in a diamond shape using Command double sided adhesive strips. (which I don’t really recommend, they only seem to work half the time, but then again maybe I am using them wrong?)  I then went to Home Depot and bought three double hook mounts and placed them strategically on top of the mirrors.  I then placed the shorter necklaces on the lower hooks and the longer necklaces on the higher hooks.  I also used an old jewelry box to keep earrings and rings, and then a jewelry tree bought from Bed Bath and Beyond for my bracelets.  I kept this method for over 4 years but finally I was outgrowing it and it was time to graduate to a big girl organization system!

before mirror

My husband and I recently got a new bed frame, which we ADORE.  It also had a matching set of everything: dressers, nightstands, mirror, etc, but since we are poor we only bought the matching mirror to try to tie it all together.  We attached the mirror to an amazing dresser I found at the thrift store. (which I will be refinishing this summer, stay tuned for that post!!)  I then found this awesome Etsy shop Barbwire and Barnwood that creates beautiful hand made jewelry organization wall art.  They are made with all different sizes, designs, and stains.  I got this one with the stainless steel hook option for $74.  Love it!!  It doesn’t quite match the same stain as the wood bed frame and mirror, but once my dresser is finished and I have more room in our real house (whenever that is) it will all flow much nicer.

Note the Wall Collage Art you can see through the mirror, find out how here: Wall Collage Art

Now all my jewelry is in one place instead of scattered throughout three different places.  I can also see it all now instead of being tucked into a box, so I wear my jewelry more often!  Plus, it has become a piece of art with my jewelry the star.  I feel like such a big girl now!



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